Inclusive. Accessible. Equitable. Collaborative. Belonging.

This is the world we hope to help build in the communities we serve.

The Jessie Ball duPont Fund trustees and staff recently completed a year-long visioning and strategy exercise to refresh our vision and strategy: one that honors the legacy and relationships of the Fund over the past four decades while also reflecting the changing world in which we live. After reflection, research, conversation and discernment, we have updated the focus areas that guide our grantmaking, investment and partnership decisions. We will now focus on helping to build communities where everyone feels they belong.

In practice, this means two things: one, supporting programs that reduce structural and systemic barriers that have historically prevented some members of society from reaching their full potential. And two, focusing on investing in places that welcome every community member and support their efforts to make the places where they live, work, learn, and play great. We believe that with belonging comes trust, and trust allows us to work together for the common good, something that Americans have done exceptionally well over the centuries.

We’re excited about this direction, especially since it flows from the work many of our grantees have been doing for decades to make the communities they serve more inclusive. As part of her support of organizations primarily in Virginia, Delaware and Florida, Jessie Ball duPont herself cared deeply about place. We’re proud to carry on that part of her legacy.

We look forward to collaborating to help make the world more inclusive and our communities even greater places to live.

The Jessie Ball duPont Fund staff are working remotely out of an abundance of caution for the team’s health and safety. We are fully connected, open for business and accepting grant proposals via the portal.

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